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The unit is completely separate from the primary home. Great solution for maintaining privacy for an rental unit.


The unit is attached to the primary home. Flexible solution to expand the size of your residence and add a second unit.


Transform an existing secondary structure. Building on top of a garage is an option in certain areas too.

accessory dwelling unit benefits in los angeles

Make money monthly

Travel More

Let someone else pay your mortgage

Use the profit to start a business

pay your mortgage off faster

Live Life Less Stressed

Use the profit to buy another house

Buy the lake house you always wanted

Los Angeles ADU floor plan basics

Studio ADU Plan

About 400 SF

Studio with Partition Wall

About 700 SF

1 Bedroom ADU

About 1000 SF

Los Angeles ADU Design & Construction

Accessory Dwelling Units in Los Angeles are a great way to increase the value of your property and provide more housing options. Many of our clients are creating an additional income stream from the monthly rent collecting on their new ADU in Los Angeles. With the rising costs of rent and limited housing options, there is high demand for quality housing in Los Angeles that an ADU helps provide. The addition of rental income means that you can do more of the things you like to do and you have instantly added value to your property. Most of our clients are getting a return on their investment of well over 20%.

We are a successful general construction company with over 30 years of combined experience in construction. We specialize in designing, permitting and building ADUs in Los Angeles. We are reliable, experienced and honest. We get the job done right, with quality and maintain communication with you each step of the way.

Our customer focused approach:

  1.  Initial Consultation: Our goal is to get a clear and complete understanding of what you would like to accomplish and answer all your questions and concerns.
  2.  Design + Plan: In this step the team will work closely with you to finalize the design, go over draft plans, make edits as needed and submit to the City of Los Angeles. Then our specialists will work with the City of Los Angeles and other agencies to get all approvals and clearances as required.
  3.  Construction: In this final step we will move forward with site preparation, rough construction and finish construction. We will meet with inspectors as needed and complete your project with a Certificate of Occupancy.

In preparation for your project you can give us a call for a free consultation

Cost To Build An ADU in Los Angeles

How much does it cost to build an ADU in Los Angeles? During our free consultation and design process, we can figure out the cost for your ADU or garage conversion. We are the best ADU Contractor in Los Angeles because we streamline the process of building an ADU by providing you with full service design, permitting and construction. When you hire us to design, permit and build your ADU in Los Angeles, we are able to work closely with the engineers, designers, architects and construction team such that we save you time and money. By bringing the team together early in the process we are able to identify: how to best design and build the project such that we accomplish your goals, create efficiency with existing conditions and plan construction ahead of time such that time and money are saved. When hiring a Los Angeles ADU Builder or Los Angeles ADU Contractor its important to hire an expert in building ADU. Some of the factors that can affect the cost of your ADU in Los Angeles are:
  • Site – are you on a flat lot? Hillside? Do you plan an addition to the garage but the addition needs to conform with set back requirements? How easily can construction materials be delivered to the site?
  •  Easements – Do you need to mitigate existing utility easements to get your ADU Approved?
  •  Plumbing – how far does the sewer line need to go to connect to the main? Where is your water main located? Are the conditions suitable to get the appropriate slope?
  •  Electrical – Does your main panel need to be upgraded to accommodate the ADU?
  •  Finish Materials – what type of finish materials are you looking for? Wood flooring? Concrete floor? Custom Cabinets vs Basic Cabinets? Marble? Etc.

ADU in Los Angeles

Adding an ADU can be very rewarding in terms of lifestyle, property value and income potential. Hiring us, your experienced ADU Contractor in Los Angeles, will help you avoid pitfalls and mistakes that can cause unnecessary expenses. Call us for your free consultation.

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