Angelus Construction

The Los Angeles ADU Contractor

Our company specializes in ADU Construction in Los Angeles. Our approach is to be reliable, easy to work with and provide you the most expert service for your ADU construction. We are knowledgeable in the design, approval and construction process to build an ADU in Southern California. We have completed projects in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Elias Hermosillo

Partner General Contractor

Elias brings over 30+ years of general construction experience in both the residential and commercial construction fields. Elias worked for many years in the union construction industry in Los Angeles. He worked on very important buildings in the city of L.A. that later became iconic (Disney Concert Hall, Howard Hughes Center, Marina Del Rey Condominium Duplex, etc). He left the union to create his own company because he wanted to pursue a better life for his family.

Luis Carmona

Partner General Contractor

I’m a licensed general contractor with experience in ADU construction and residential remodeling. My experience began in 2010 as an investor/developer in the residential real estate field. I have completed numerous major renovation projects that include repairs and rebuilding of hillside foundations, driveways, decks, stucco, siding, roof, windows, floors, doors, millwork, kitchens, bathrooms, installation of new HVAC systems, upgrading plumbing and electrical systems. I have worked with classic spanish homes from the early 1900s to modern high rise condos to mid-century homes. Succeeding in the construction is being able to solve problems and maintaining a high level of communication with all parties involved. I’d also like to add how blessed I am to have Elias as a partner and mentor, he not only brings his 30+ years of experience and know-how but also has the same values I do in regards to integrity, honesty and professionalism.

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